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Expert Ethical Craftsmanship

Each Kaila Katherine vegan leather designer bag is handmade in New York City by experts who are paid a living wage.


In a world full of fast fashion, Kaila Katherine bags are uniquely handmade in small batches.

Supporting local makers

Wherever possible we work with local artisans to ensure the highest quality and engagement with our community.

Why small batches?

Minimal waste

Low quantities in each production round allows for precise planning to minimize scraps while cutting.

Handmade with care

Each piece of our bags is cut, sewn, and finished by hand inside of the factory. A careful process takes time.

Optimal working conditions

Our factory is a beautiful, sunlit workshop in a prime location off of Park Avenue.

Decades of experience

Our team of craftsmen is led by Farid Gadalla who comes from a long family history of makers and artisans.

Blending old traditions and new technology

Farid posesses a unique ability to transform any idea into a detailed, multi-piece pattern both by hand and digitally with Optitex.

Farid took over his father's Egypt-based leather goods factory when Farid was 21 years old. Once he had children of his own, he moved his family to the U.S. and taught himself english while working random jobs. He began working in the studio a small handbag maker where he caught the eye of COACH New York.

During the 15 years he was at COACH, he created his own patent, worked as a pattern maker, manager, senior manager, quality controller, and trainer for Coach’s factories in Vietnam and India.

After leaving COACH, Farid continued to work in Asia for two more years with TBS Group based in Vietnam as the director and quality manager for the Handbag Division.
Today he works in a beautiful space off of Park Avenue with the most wonderful and talented craftsmen in New York.

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